What services do you provide?

I provide all the general design services that are typical of interior designers, such as color and furniture selections. However, a much larger part of what I do is provide architectural planning for new construction or remodels.

Please peruse these pages to better understand what I do!


Do you prepare structural drawings?

Mostly, no. Because I’m an interior designer, structural issues are outside of my expertise. However, under the direction of a contractor, I can prepare simple structural drawings that don’t require engineering and are intended only for obtaining a building permit.



No, I’m not an architect. There is, however, a cross-over between what architects and interior designers do. An architect is trained to do things beyond that of an interior designer – their work involves much more than the location of interior walls. Their scope and expertise also includes the exterior and structural needs of the building.

An interior designer’s focus is primarily the interior architecture of the space: the design of the floor plans, elevations, etc. A skilled designer creates space that is functional, has proper adjacencies, flows appropriately and is safe for those who occupy it. Once the design of the interior architecture is in place, a designer than specifies colors and finish materials that fit the aesthetic needs of the space.


How do I know if I need an architect or interior designer for my project?

It all depends on the scope of the project. Often I am part of a team of design experts which includes an architect and structural engineer. We each bring our specialty and expertise to the project. However, not all projects warrant the need for a design team. If you’re not sure about your project, let’s find a time to chat and I can help better direct you.


What do you charge?

My design fees are based on an hourly rate, except for some out-of-state projects where I may give a quote with a "not-to-exceed" amount once the scope of the project is clear.

I also charge a trip charge for any travel that exceeds forty minutes round-trip for me.

Keep in mind that my fees are a small fraction of the over-all cost of a project and are worth the investment in helping to avoid costly mistakes and to obtain a well-designed, beautiful space.


Do you offer a complimentary initial consultation?

No. The first appointment is billed at the same hourly rate as all other work.


Do you WORK ON projectS outside your immediate area?

Yes. I do projects remotely where I depend on the client to provide existing drawings, measurements and photos for me to work from. I also can do a combination of working onsite and remotely by traveling to the initial appointment where I will take onsite measurements and photos, then provide the client with digital images and hard copies. This process is followed by revisions and project coordination through email and phone chats.


Do you have contractors that you work with or recommend?

Yes. There are several local contractors and sub-contractors that I’ve worked with repeatedly over the years that I would highly recommend. Otherwise I’m happy to work with the contractor(s) of your choice.


What’s your personal style?

Of course I have my own personal style, but while designing for someone else, my job is to not impose my personal style but instead design a space that reflects the style and taste of the client.


to collaborate with clients in designing their most important spaces is a true honor. I invite you to get to know me and my fresh approach to designing beautiful yet functional spaces.